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Keeping your water clean

What is RPZ, and do I need it?

RPZ, or a Reduced Pressure Zone device, is a type of backflow prevention device used to protect water supplies from contamination. It will help keep your water clean and sanitary for drinking and other purposes. We can install this in your home or business.

Who needs an RPZ valve?

 • Fire sprinkler systems using anti-freeze solutions

 • Commercial central heating systems with design  

    heat output greater than 45 kW

 • Food Processing

 • Bottle washing apparatus

 • Dairies

 • Food preparation

 • Catering

 • Bottle washing apparatus

 • Commercial dishwashing machines

 • Potato peeling machines (pre-washed produce)

 • Refrigerating equipment

 • Industrial and commercial installations

 • Brewery and distillation plant

 • Car washing and degreasing plants

 • Commercial clothes washing machines

 • Dyeing equipment

 • Pressurized fire-fighting systems

 • Printing and photographic equipment

 • Water treatment plant using other than salt

 • Leisure and hotel facilities

 • Swimming pool top-up supplies

Make sure the water you and your family drink is safe.

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